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InteliChart on FHIR is a resource for developers who are interested in integrating to healthcare systems using the FHIR Specification.

InteliChart’s implementation currently supports the R4 First Normative Content (4.0.1) version of the HL7® FHIR® standard. InteliChart’s implementation of the R4 version is ongoing and new resources and actions will be added over time.

In the healthcare space, most clinical data standards are set by HL7. The process of creating a new standard and releasing it to healthcare professionals and developers is difficult. The reason for this is due to variability of protocol standardization that often encompasses multiple versions. To solve this problem, HL7 introduced FHIR® – Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources, which is built around “Resources.” Resources are modular components that allow an easy and quick way for patients and doctors to access data. FHIR® is providing a modern form of interoperability in the healthcare space, however there are still various drawbacks regarding versioning and inconsistent implementation. HL7 FHIR is a healthcare interoperability standard that defines a content model, in the form of "resources," and a specification for exchanging the content in real time using RESTful interfaces. For more information about FHIR, go to the HL7 website.