Error Codes

Operation Outcomes

Operation outcomes are messages that provide information about the outcome of an operation such as a read or a search. They include the severity of the issue, a code, and a description.

Operation outcomes with a severity of 'Error' cause the operation to fail. No results (other than the operation outcome itself) are returned.

Operation outcomes with a severity of 'Warning' do not prevent the operation from executing. They are included in successful responses when part of a request is invalid or could not be handled properly. For example, when a request contains a search parameter not supported by the requested resource type, an operation outcome is include to explain why entries not meeting the expected search criteria are included in the response.

Below are the system's supported operation outcomes.

Http Response Code Severity Code Name Example
406 Error Invalid Bad Request Index (zero based) must be greater than or equal to zero and less than the size of the argument list.
400 Error Invalid Invalid Definition The search parameter definition contains one or more invalid entries.
400 Error Invalid Invalid Search Operation Comparator is not supported when multiple values are specified using OR search parameter.
400 Error Not Found Job Not Found The requested job was not found.
200 Warning Required Missing Required Coding Additional search results were found but could not be compliantly expressed and have been suppressed.
406 Error NotSupported Not Acceptable The requested _format parameter is not supported.
404 Error NotFound Not Found Required element not found.
406 Error Invalid Request Not Valid Unable to cast element.
400 Error NotFound Resource Not Found Resource type 'Patient' with id '123' couldn't be found.
400 Error NotSupported Resource Not Supported Resource type 'DetectedIssue' is not supported.
200 Warning NotSupported Search Parameter Not Supported The search parameter 'patient' is not supported for resource type 'Practitioner'.

Authentication Errors

In the event of an authentication error (such as expired or invalid authentication token), the system will respond with HTTP Code 401 - Unauthorized. Additional information may be found in the WWW-Authenticate header.

Http Response Code Header Authentication Method Error Description
401 WWW-Authenticate Bearer error="invalid_token" error_description="The token expired at '07/26/2022 15:32:28'"